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Wealthy Affiliate - The Best Choice to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you're looking for online income opportunities, or wondering how to make money with affiliate marketing, then you're in the right place. Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for mentoring newbies and confused online business people. Whether you're looking to earn extra income or build a full-time business, at Wealthy Affiliate you'll find the knowledge you need to achieve your goals. Since 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has been the leading platform for showcasing various work-from-home startup ideas.


A thriving website that has stood the test of time, Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.7 million premium members. It is constantly evolving, following changes on the Internet. It is a zero-risk platform that offers various income-generating opportunities. You can create a free starter account to learn about the types of training the site offers. When you're ready, you can upgrade to a premium account, gaining access to all the training levels you need to complete. With these trainings, you can build an income-generating website and become a full-fledged online marketer. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick project that promises you a lot of wealth in a short period of time. It is only through hard work and dedication that you can get the rewards you deserve. So, if you're looking for a quick way to make money, Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

Some Suggestions For Beginners To Use Wealthy Affiliate

As a beginner, if you are not sure whether you should start using Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend you to give it a try. Only by starting and exposing your knowledge on this platform can you grow as a marketer.


During the learning process, you may get confused from time to time with the training and everything you encounter, this is very normal, so don't try to force yourself to digest everything in one go. If some terms sound foreign, or you don't understand parts of the training, give yourself some time and eventually these bits and pieces of knowledge will come together to form a complete picture.

You can seek guidance from community members and co-founders (Kyle and Carson). Questions can be asked via live chat or directly on their profile. Here, you have other features available for asking questions. With all this support, the stress caused by the difficulties you face in online learning will be greatly reduced!

So, join Wealthy Affiliate today, earn money with affiliate marketing, and enjoy the endless benefits of being an active member. As long as you persevere, you will succeed on the road to achieving your dream income.

Of course, even as a professional marketer, I would recommend you to join, as it will add to the knowledge you already have. If you are satisfied with the knowledge you currently possess and do not have a need for further expansion, then I suggest you take advantage of the profitable affiliate program offered by Wealthy Affiliate. By recommending the platform to others, you can earn a steady income. Just having 100 active premium referrals will keep your monthly income above $2000. There has never been a better opportunity!

An Inclusive Platform For The Broadest Audience


After reading what I have written before, you might think that Wealthy Affiliate is only open to those who intend to become affiliate marketers. However, that's not the case. It is an inclusive platform designed to appeal to a wide variety of online audiences, including but not limited to:

People looking to promote their work online, Aspiring mature entrepreneurs/bloggers, People looking to start a home business, People desiring location independence, People looking for an additional source of income, Passive earners, Travelers around the world who want to finance their lifestyle, People with disabilities, People with criminal records who can't find regular work, Parents, Students, Artists, Activists, Retirees, Language enthusiasts, Literary people, Games Gamers, Manga fans, Introverts who prefer a more discreet lifestyle, College dropouts, and more.

With a well-performing desktop or laptop and a reliable internet connection, anyone can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. On Wealthy Affiliate, your background doesn't matter and arguably has no impact.

Most Admired Platform Features

  • Completely Simplified Introductory Training
  • Live classroom training from industry experts published as a "replay" (premium feature)
  • Over 2,000,000 helpful community members, many of whom are experienced internet marketers
  • Live interactive help from the community
  • Evolving classrooms with the most diverse subset of training available
  • State-of-the-art security and fast hosting services
  • 24/7 support for your website from a team of qualified experts (premium feature)
  • Strict environment without spam
  • Keyword research (Jaaxy) and writing (SiteContent) tools are also available (premium features)
  • Get started for free! (no hidden pitfalls)

The above list is just an overview of the platform's most highly regarded features. An innovative platform like Wealthy Affiliate definitely has more value and benefits waiting for you. To enjoy these benefits, you'll need to sign up quickly and upgrade to a premium membership when you feel the time is right.

More Cost-effective Premium Membership Payment Plan

On Wealthy Affiliate, you can become a premium member through two payment plans. Paid monthly ($49.00/mo) and annually ($497.00/yr). Although the first payment plan is the most popular, I personally prefer to pay annually because it pays 16% less than paying monthly. Plus, choosing to pay annually means your account will remain eligible for life. This means, for you, the annual membership price of Wealthy Affiliate will never exceed its current price. That is to say, no matter how the price rises in the future (even if the price rises sharply in the future), you can enjoy the current annual fee price.


The annual fee for a premium membership can seem very expensive if you're focused on the present and don't think about the longer-term future. In fact, this expense acts as your cost of doing business, which is only $497 per year. Or in other words, spend $1.36 per day on getting the training you need to become an online marketer and building your own profitable website. That's less than the cost of a cup of coffee, and you won't find a more cost-effective option.

If you've read this far, there's plenty of reason to sign up for a premium membership, so don't hesitate to do so. However, it is entirely up to you to decide whether to upgrade to a premium membership. I just introduced you to the difference between the two payment plans offered by Wealthy Affiliate and did not tell you what to do. You totally can create a free account as a junior member and decide the next step according to your own needs. This doesn't cause any pressure on you.

Best-in-class Hosting Platform


Wealthy Affiliate's hosting platform has been carefully designed with excellent performance, reliable security and powerful functions. This state-of-the-art platform brings together the following capabilities:

  • Servers optimized for WordPress
  • Top-notch hosting security
  • SiteSpeed makes your website lightning fast
  • Dual hosting provides full redundancy for your website
  • Regular backup
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Custom email addresses and forwarding
  • Health status analysis of website operation
  • Automatic login function
  • Expert marketers provide feedback for your website with SiteFeedback

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best WordPress hosting services. Both in terms of cost-effectiveness and productivity, it is far ahead of the other most famous competitors.


Premium members can host up to 10 websites with no additional purchases. Beginner members can host one website for free on a SiteRubix subdomain.

In fact, you can build a website in no time by filling out the form below:

Top Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate's top-tier training program can be divided into three basic parts, which are central training, weekly webinar training, and community training.

Central Training

Central training consists of two basic paths. Among them, beginners are recommended to participate in primary training and Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training. Kyle (one of the co-founders) will teach you step-by-step how to make money with affiliate marketing within any given niche. The course is divided into different stages, presented in the form of video and text.

Unlike other internet marketing courses, Wealthy Affiliate doesn't hide anything and instead shows you with great precision how to build your own lucrative website. In the form of case studies, the course lets you to see firsthand how to build a website from scratch. All of the sites featured in the training have been successful and have maintained their success status. It's a simplified process that lets you get to the point.

Every piece of training presents a required to-do list that you can mark off as the training progresses. Since this is a fully interactive training, you can keep track of where you stop learning. Under every piece of training there is a place for discussions, where you can ask questions to resolve any confusion you may have. Kyle and other active members will ensure that these questions are answered in the shortest possible time.

Another path of central training is called the Affiliate Bootcamp, which means learning how to utilize Wealthy Affiliate's own affiliate program. It will involve many more stages and courses than OEC, and again you will see another website being built in front of you. This is more suitable for mid-to-advanced marketers, and it is recommended that you complete the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training before starting this training.

Weekly Webinar Training

Wealthy Affiliate's Training Specialist Jay Neil hosts fantastic live webinars every week. In each webinar, he chooses a core element of affiliate marketing to explore in depth. At the end of each webinar, there will be a Q&A session where he will answer as many questions as possible with his passion and expertise within the allotted time.

These webinars can be very beneficial for those who wish to take their internet marketing knowledge to a higher level. You also don't have to watch live videos at the time, as they offer replays a day or two later. As long as you are a premium member, you can access and review these precious video materials at any time.

Community Training

In addition to the wealth of digital marketing knowledge already available on Wealthy Affiliate, there is community training. All the members have the freedom to provide training within a platform that anyone can use, benefiting everyone. If you think that these trainings will disappoint you, then you are very wrong.

The training created by seasoned Internet marketers covers a range of various topics related to building an online business. These topics vary from classroom to classroom, so you can easily find all the knowledge on a particular topic brought together.

Internet Marketing Tools With Powerful Functions


This is a full-featured writing platform that elegantly integrates grammar, spelling, and punctuation checkers. It allows you to centralize all your writings, which can then be uploaded directly to WordPress.


SiteComments gives you the opportunity to request others to post comments on your blog posts to help improve your blog posts' ranking in search engines. Plus, you can earn points for thoughtful comments on other people's posts, and use those points to get the comments you need.

Keyword Research Tool

Using Jaaxy, a keyword research tool from Wealthy Affiliate, is undoubtedly the best choice. This is very important in search engine optimization. Until the end of 2017, it was a separate platform from Wealthy Affiliate.

However, a simplified version of it is now available to premium members thanks to the owner's combined imagination. If you thought the simplified version of Jaaxy was limited in terms of usability, rest assured that it is fully capable of all your keyword research needs.

Additionally, you can conduct research within Wealthy Affiliate, using it as an all-inclusive platform for any digital marketer or website owner. So, make sure to boost your productivity quickly to freely manage all your website needs in one place!

A Platform Full Of Wisdom And Peaceful Atmosphere

Whether it is the architecture of the entire Wealthy Affiliate website or the handling of every detail, it exudes an air of refinement and simplicity. Although each part may seem a bit complicated, they are all masterly integrated to form a complete whole. Wealthy Affiliate's design is refreshing compared to most of the kitschy income opportunity sites on the web.


Compared to platforms that satisfy hedonistic impulses by inciting fantasies about the extravagant life, Wealthy Affiliate takes a deeper, more subtle approach. It draws you in to a process that requires constant building of knowledge. While it may be a bit strenuous at first, once you embark on this path and allow yourself to immerse yourself in the joy of exploring wisdom, you will find yourself deeply attracted to work rather than bound by it.

Even though Wealthy Affiliate's co-founders already have unlimited wealth, they never boast about the luxury of their lives. They prefer to take pictures of when they spend quality time with their children, friends, and family. All this resounds with an eternal truth: Passion and dedication give meaning to life, and prosperity comes only as a by-product.

Finally, I want to say that Wealthy Affiliate is not just an online income opportunity, but a community that can inspire your personal growth and change the trajectory of your life. In this wise and peaceful atmosphere, you will be able to discover your own potential and pursue success and happiness with like-minded people. No matter when and where, as long as you have the desire for knowledge and the courage to continue learning, Wealthy Affiliate will be your best partner on the road to success.

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