BitKong - Provably Fair Crypto Game Platform That Can Be Verified At Any Time

All games on BitKong are completly provably fair. Every bet of every game can be verified at any time. But that's not all. The platform is certified by The Crypto Gambling Foundation as a verified operator. They have over seven years history of building a strong community that trusts the games and their performance, and the platform works every day with the goal of improving the BitKong gaming experience.


BitKong has awarded more than $30 million in winnings in 7 years! The Autobet feature allows you to preset your plays. Any player can participate in a Tournament. You can win the Jackpot at any time. All you need is some luck. The Jackpot is USD 1,000,000, and both winning and losing bets can win. The only requirement for a bet to be eligible is that it needs to be USD 10 or higher.

All BitKong’s games have a Return to Player (RTP) of 99%. This means that the majority of the money wagered goes back to the players either on winnings or on bonuses. The bonuses that are included in the bonuses return are: Deposit Bonus, Recharge, Multipliers, and Magic Wheel. The bonus amounts will be awarded in locked BKD and available for you to unlock by wagering in any of the site’s games.

If you are a novice player, you also need to know the following content, which can help you get started quickly.

What is BKD: At BitKong, BKD (BitKong Dollar) is the official bonus currency. 1 BKD = 1 USD. You can play any game & Rain on one or many players with BKD. Locked BKD is obtained through specific bonuses, such as Deposit Bonus and Magic Wheel. Unlocking BKD is easy! On each bet, it will unlock proportionally to the money you wager. As you wager in any currency, your BKD locker will fill with unlocked BKD. Once you reach the minimum of 5.00BKD, you’ll be able to click Claim, and the unlocked BKD will be transferred directly to your BKD balance. After that, your BKD will be available to use. The great thing is that the value of the BKD is bound to the price of USD, and you can swap BKD into other currencies whenever you want.


What is KONG: BitKong Coin, or KONG, is a decentralized digital currency created to grant special rewards to BitKong’s players. You can win KONG units by participating in social challenges or winning airdrops on Telegram and Twitter. Also, players who get prize positions on daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards will win rewards in KONG.

Difference Between BKD and KONG: BKD is the site’s official currency, and its value is pegged to the USD 1:1. KONG is a decentralized token that the player can exchange in Ethereum networks, and the market determines its value. Very soon, KONG will be available for exchange in Binance Chain and Polygon networks too. KONG’s live exchange rate can be found at all exchanges of the mentioned networks.

Why provable fairness is important for crypto gamers, because when a game is Provably Fair it means that every bet can be verified by the player, ensuring the transparency of the game. The players don’t need to trust the platform because they have the tools and information they need to analyze the transparency of every outcome. Based on this, players can be sure that the results are not manipulated. At BitKong, you can check the fairness of every bet with their in-game calculator or use the open-source version. BitKong’s verification procedure allows users to verify the integrity of every bet.

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